About viewpoint Stegastein in Norway /

Norway is a country with beautiful nature and beautiful views everywhere. There are several points where you can enjoy the view even more, viewpoint Stegastein is one of them. The viewing platform is known all over the world, it is an architectural masterpiece and is also one of the most photographed viewpoints in the world. And of course the view from the platform is also frequently photographed! Viewpoint Stegastein is a good example that shows that Norwegians are proud of their country and do their best to make special views even more special.

View over the Aurlandsfjord /

Viewpoint Stegastein is located 650 meters above the Aurlandsfjord and offers you a beautiful view over the fjord. The lookout point is designed in such a way that it gives you the feeling of floating above the fjord. The glass front of the viewpoint is special, which gives you an even better view.

From Stegastein you look into the 29 kilometer long Aurlandsjord, one of the tributaries of the Sognefjord. With a length of 204 kilometers, the Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway and one of the longest in the world. The village of Aurlandsvangen can also be seen from the lookout point.

Along a scenic route /

Viewpoint Stegastein is part of the scenic route Aurlandsvegen. This is one of the most beautiful routes in the country, which is why it has been designated a National Scenic Route. In total there are 18 National Scenic Routes in the country, these are officially the most beautiful scenic routes in Norway.

The route is located between Aurland and Laerdal and is approximately 48 kilometers long. Along the way you will pass Norwegian nature and various sights, including viewpoint Stegastein.

Parking at viewpoint Stegastein /

There is a parking lot with sanitary facilities at the viewpoint. There are 11 parking spaces and there is space to park vehicles outside parking spaces if necessary. The number of parking spaces will often be sufficient, because the viewing point is not extremely crowded.

Open all year round /

Unlike the scenic route Aurlandsvegen, the Stegastein viewpoint is open all year round. Due to the heavy snowfall, the route is closed in the winter months. It is still possible to drive to the viewpoint via the village of Aurlandsvangen, this is a drive of about 7 kilometers. The sanitary facilities at Stegastein are closed in the winter months.
viewpoint Stegastein in Norway

Highlights near viewpoint Stegastein in Norway /

There are several highlights near the viewpoint Stegastein. If you’re in the area, you don’t want to miss this othose Before you travel, it is advisable to do some good research. In the vicinity of Stegastein there are a large number of sights, some literally below or next to you. We have listed a number of sights for you.

Aurlandsfjord /

Viewpoint Stegastein overlooks the beauty of the Aurlandsfjord, which also includes the villages of Aurlandsvangen and Flåm. You can visit the villages, here too there are special features. Trains depart from Flåm that run over one of the steepest train tracks in the world. From the villages you can also take a ferry to another village, to see the Aurlandsfjord from the water.


Drive the route Aurlandsvegen /

The scenic route Aurlandsvegen can of course not be missed on the list. Stegastein is located on the road, so it is not difficult to take one of the most beautiful routes in the country. Along the way you will also come across special stopping points. Please note: The route is not open all year round.

Scenic route Aurlandsvegen

The special Laerdalstunnelen /

Where the Aurlandsvegen goes over the mountain, the Laerdalstunnelen goes through the mountain. The tunnel is 24.5 kilometers long, making it the longest road tunnel in the world. There are several stops in the tunnel, which are specially lit. You could do a round trip by driving through the mountain and back over the mountain.


The beautiful Naerøyfjord /

Near viewpoint Stegastein is the Naerøyfjord, which, like the Aurlandsfjord, is a tributary of the Sognefjord. The Naerøyfjord is about 17 kilometers long and is one of the narrowest fjords in Norway. It is also officially one of the most beautiful fjords, as it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, just like the Geirangerfjord.