About viewpoint Dalsnibba in Norway /

Viewpoint Dalsnibba is located at the Geirangerfjord in Norway. At 1,500 meters above sea level, it is Europe’s highest viewpoint accessible from the road. The viewing platform is located directly at the parking lot, it is not necessary to take a walking tour first. This makes it one of the most accessible viewpoints in Norway.

View of the Geirangerfjord /

Viewpoint Dalsnibba is, by road, 21 kilometers away from the village of Geiranger. From the village you drive in about 30 minutes to the top of the mountain, to enjoy the view here.

From the lookout point you have a view over the many mountain peaks and the Geirangerfjord. You will see the village of Geiranger, the (cruise)ships in the fjord, the road with eleven hairpin bends, the beautiful nature and much more. The view over the Geirangerfjord is therefore the reason that the viewing platform has been given the official name Geiranger Skywalk.

Construction of the platform /

The viewing platform Dalsnibba is another relatively new viewing platform. Opened in 2016, it offers views over the Geirangerfjord. A souvenir shop has also been built at the viewpoint.

Although the Geiranger Skywalk viewpoint is only a few years old, the road to get there is much older. The Nibbevegen road was opened in 1939 and can be seen as one of the most ambitious Norwegian projects. There are also a number of hairpin bends on this route. Along the way you will be amazed several times by the beautiful view, it already gives you a taste of what you can expect on top of the mountain.

Hiking trails /

Norway is a beautiful country for walks. There are also hundreds of hiking trails spread across the country. Also in and around the Geirangerfjord there are many hiking trails to enjoy nature and the view.

You can also take a walk on the way to the viewing platform. There is a parking lot next to the viewing platform, but you can also park your vehicle in one of the parking spaces along the Nibbevegen. You can then walk the last few hundred meters to the viewing platform.

Road to viewpoint Dalsnibba /

Viewpoint Dalsnibba is accessible via the Nibbevegen. The road is located on highway 63, at Djupvasshytta you can take the road to the viewing platform.

From the village of Geiranger, it is about a 45-minute drive to the top of the mountain on which the viewing platform is located. It only concerns a distance of 21 kilometers, but because of the climb you make it takes longer. But the view definitely makes it worth it!

Toll has to be paid for the Nibbevegen. For a car you pay about 10 euros to use the road. Toll cards are for sale at a payment terminal near the road, but also at the counter. The counter is open between 09:00 and 16:00-17:00. The road itself is accessible 24 hours a day, provided there is no snow.


Open during the summer months /

In the winter months, the Nibbevegen and viewpoint Dalsnibba are closed to the public. Both the road and the viewing platform are then covered with snow. Normally, the road and viewing platform open at the end of May and close again in October. This all depends on the snowfall.
View from viewpoint Dalsnibba on the Geirangerfjord in Norway

Highlights near viewpoint Dalsnibba /

Viewpoint Dalsnibba offers a beautiful view of the mountains and the Geirangerfjord. There is plenty to see and experience near the viewpoint, we have listed a number of tips.

Geirangerfjord /

The Geirangerfjord should of course not be missing from the list. From viewpoint Dalsnibba you have a beautiful view of one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. The fjord is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Besides the view of the fjord, you also want to visit the fjord.

The village of Geiranger is located in the fjord. Here you will find accommodation options, restaurants, a souvenir shop, museums and several other viewing platforms and walking routes.


Drive the National Scenic Route /

Viewpoint Dalsnibba is located on highway 63. The section between Langvatnet and Sogge Bru has been declared one of the eighteen National Scenic Routes, in other words: one of the most beautiful routes in Norway. This beautiful route is called the scenic route Geiranger – Trollstigen. If you visit Dalsnibba you will already be driving on this part of road 63. As the name suggests, the Geirangerfjord and the Trollstigen are the highlights of this route.

Scenic route Geiranger – Trollstigen

The famous Trollstigen /

If you follow the National Scenic Route towards Sogge Bru, you will automatically drive over the Trollstigen. In any case, it is a highlight of Norway and highly recommended to visit. The Trollstigen is a road with 11 sharp hairpin bends. The road takes you from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley. There is also a viewing platform by the road.