About the Trolltunga in Norway /

The Trolltunga, which translates as the Troll Tongue, is located near the town of Tyssedal in Norway. It is one of the most impressive cliffs in Norway. At the same time, it is also one of the most photographed points in the country.

Norway is the land of the trolls, the tongue-like protruding rock formation is therefore also called ‘The tongue of the troll’. It is located about 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet and a total of 1100 meters above sea level. The rock formation can only be reached with a long walk. The walk is considered to be one of the most spectacular walks in the country, so it is definitely recommended. There are different routes and distances to the Trolltunga, the routes are indicated on the way with signs.

Independently or with a guide /

You can walk independently to the Trolltunga, but also accompanied by a guide. The best time to do the hike is from June to September. Then the snow has often melted and the trip is easy to do. The Norwegian government advises hikers to only complete the tour with a guide outside the summer season. Guided walks are offered by Trolltunga Active and Trolltunga Adventures. Both organizations offer different routes.

Look at the weather forecast /

Because the weather in the Norwegian mountains can change very quickly, it is important to check the weather forecasts in advance. Even then, the weather can still cause surprises.

It is not recommended to go hiking if strong wind, heavy rain or fog is expected. It is then less safe to take the walking tour. Every year the emergency services have to rescue walkers on the route. For emergencies, there are safety cabins along the way, these are only for emergencies.

You are not alone /

It sounds obvious, but you are most likely not alone on the Trolltunga. There are beautiful photos on the internet of an empty environment or where a person can be seen alone on the Trolltunga. However, the rock formation is one of the most popular in Norway, so the chance that you are alone is not very big. In good weather there are many hikers on their feet, the Norwegian authorities therefore ask hikers to limit the number of photos on the Trolltunga and to take each other into account.

At the Trolltunga you naturally want to enjoy the beautiful view. The Norwegian authorities warn hikers not to get too close to the edge of the cliffs, they must always stay at least 2 meters away.

Camping at the Trolltunga /

In Norway it is allowed to camp in nature, including on the route to the Trolltunga. However, you have to take a number of things into account. Your camping spot and toilet visits should be downhill from trails and well away from streams. In addition, campfires are prohibited between April 15 and September 15. In addition, make sure you have enough warm clothes with you, it can cool down considerably in the evenings and at night in the mountains.

Hike to the Trolltunga /

One of the most spectacular cliffs in Norway can only be reached on foot. It is a so-called ‘Expert route’, it is not recommended for inexperienced hikers to take the walk. Not only is it a long distance, it is also a steep climb to the Trolltunga. Once at the Trolltunga you also have to make the entire walk back to the starting point. This requires the necessary training. There are three different hiking trails to the Trolltunga.

It is a long walk, so it is important to prepare well. The Norwegian authorities advise hikers to bring a map, compass, first-aid kit, charged mobile phone, enough food and drink, dry (and warm!) clothes and a headlamp. It is also recommended to wear walking shoes, because on the way you walk through wetlands, mud and water. Due to the long distance and walking time, it is recommended to start as early as possible in the day. Never start later than 10 a.m., the Norwegian authorities recommend. Depending on the route, the walking tour can take 15 hours.

There are three parking spaces around the Trolltunga, from here the various hiking trails start. Check in advance which parking lot you will use, because the routes to the Trolltunga are very different.

P1 in Tyssedal /

There are 220 parking spaces and P1 is the cheapest parking lot near the Trolltunga. You can, however, make free use of a bus to car parks P2 and P3. From car park P1, the longest route leads to the Trolltunga, both in terms of distance and duration. The walking route is therefore really for experienced hikers. In total you will cover a distance of 40 kilometers, this includes the return walk. It is estimated that the walk will take you 15 hours. Along the way you make a climb of 1040 meters.

This parking lot and starting point is located directly on the scenic route Hardangervegen, so you can easily combine several highlights of Norway. Also nearby is the famous Låtefossen waterfall, the waterfall that flows directly under the scenic route Hardangervegen.

P2 in Skjeggedal /

The main path to the Trolltunga is located at car park P2. The parking lot offers space for 180 cars. The main path starts from car park P2. Hikers complete a route of 28 kilometers in total from here, making an ascent of 800 meters in total. Hikers take 8 to 12 hours to complete the route.

Note: Campers and small vans cannot reach P2, the road is too narrow for this. People with a camper or small van will have to use P1 or P3. Shuttle buses do run between the car parks.

P3 Mågelitopp /

There are only 30 parking spaces at car park P3. The number of parking spaces at P3 is the least, and parking here is also the most expensive. However, the walking route from here is the shortest, takes less time and is ‘simpler’. Yet it remains a walking route for experienced hikers. From P3 you make a total trip of 20 kilometers, during which you make a climb of 320 meters. Hikers take 7 to 10 hours to complete the entire route, including the return journey.

Parking P3 is located on private property and on a private road. Reserving a parking ticket is therefore necessary. This can be done online or at the office in Skjeggedal.

Public transport to the Pulpit Rock /

It is also possible to go to the starting point of the Trolltunga by public transport. During the summer season (June to September) from Odda, buses run between Odda and car parks P1 Tyssohallen and P2 Skjeggedal. The buses stop, among others, at the Odda Camping, the bus station, the bus station in Tyssedal and at various hotels. A return will cost you approximately 25 euros. Due to the walking time, the buses only run in the morning and in the afternoon/evening.

There is also a bus between P2 Skjeggedal and P3 Mågelitopp. These buses run from morning to evening.
View from the Trolltunga in Norway