The most beautiful scenic routes in Norway /

If there is one country in the world with beautiful scenic routes, it is Norway! The Norwegian landscape is very varied, from fjords to ravines and from high mountains to special sandy beaches. Norway offers it all. The country is very popular with nature lovers, including hiking, cycling and wildlife viewing. Motorists and motorcyclists also enjoy the country, because there are plenty of beautiful scenic routes in Norway to be found.

The scenic routes are spread all over the country, from the south coast to the far north of Norway. And whether you like mountain roads or roads with hairpin bends, there are always beautiful scenic routes for you.

Norwegian Scenic Routes /

The Norwegian government is also aware that Norway is a perfect destination for a road trip. There are plenty of beautiful scenic routes in Norway, but there are 18 that are the most beautiful. The government has designated 18 scenic routes as Norwegian Scenic Routes, also known as National Scenic Routes or Nasjonale Turistveger (Norwegian). These roads are well maintained and special viewing platforms have often been built, where you can stop during your road trip and enjoy the beautiful view. For example, there are viewing platforms at the Aurlandsfjord, Geirangerfjord, the Vesterålen archipelago and along the famous Atlantic Road. The Norwegian government has also invested in sanitation facilities along the National Scenic Routes. The routes are all about the beautiful landscape and the views of it, but the viewing platforms and sanitary facilities are often very special too. Many of the platforms and buildings are real architectural masterpieces.

Note: Norway is also known for the heavy snowfall in the winter months. The scenic routes in Norway also have to do with this. During the winter, several routes are closed to traffic. The months in which they are closed differ per route. There are also several routes that are open all year round, these are routes that are also widely used by residents.

These are the 18 National Scenic Routes in a row, from south to north:


Other beautiful routes /

But the country has more to offer! Besides the 18 official scenic routes, there are more beautiful scenic routes in Norway. Below we have listed other special routes, from south to north:

  • Laerdalstunnelen
  • Scenic route Lyseveien