Scenic route Valdresflye in Norway /

The scenic route Valdresflye is an adventurous mountain route that is among the highest in Norway. The route crosses the Valdresflye mountain plateau, after which the route is named, and is at its highest point at 1,389 meters above sea level. The highest point of the scenic route Sognefjellsvegen is only 45 meters higher, making that route the highest mountain road in Northern Europe.

The Valdresflye is a beautiful mountain route with breathtaking views and a great chance to see all kinds of animals. Large groups of reindeer and many mountain birds live in the area. The animals can often be seen from the road.

Where is the route located? /

Mountain plateau Valdresflye is located in the county of Innlandet. Across the mountain plateau is the well-known route of the same name, which is definitely recommended during a tour through Norway.

The route is located in a region with a lot of beautiful nature. National parks can be found on both sides of the route, namely Jotunheimen on the left and Langsua on the right. In addition, Rondane and Breheimen are also nearby. Not only the perfect environment for a perfect cardrive, but also for walks and bike rides. The famous mountain lake Gjende and the hiking route over the Besseggen can also be found along the route.

General information about scenic route Valdresflye /

The scenic route Valdresflye is 30 miles (49 kilometers) long and runs from Garli to Hindsaeter. The route is named after the mountain area of ​​Valdresflye, which the mountain road passes over. At its highest point, the route reaches 1,389 meters above sea level, making it one of Norway’s highest mountain roads. The Valdresflye occupies most of the road 51 which runs through the mountain area.

Road 51 was opened in 1955 and runs through the area that travelers have passed through for hundreds of years to get from North to South or vice versa. Today the mountain road is a tourist route that attracts many nature lovers to the area every year. From the road and the rest areas you have a beautiful view of the special nature reserve and the many animals that live there. The tame reindeer in the area can also walk on the road, so it is important to keep an eye on the road.

Due to the heavy snowfall in the winter months, part of the route is closed from approximately December to April, the exact closing and opening depends on the weather. The route is then closed between Garli and Maurvangen, which is near the mountain lake Gjende. The mountain lake is still accessible from Hindsaeter.

The beautiful scenic route Valdresflye is officially one of the most beautiful routes in Norway, because it has been designated a National Scenic Route. The National Scenic Routes are a total of 18 routes spread across Norway, which best showcase the diversity and highlights of the landscape.

What makes the route special? /

The scenic route Valdresflye takes you high in the mountains, with the accompanying landscape and especially the view. It is a popular area for nature walks and bike rides, as well as wildlife viewing. Many reindeer live in the mountain area, which you can quickly spot from the road. There are also many bird species that live in the Norwegian mountains, which makes it a popular area for bird watching.

Lake Gjende is also located along the route, which is known as the most beautiful lake in Jotunheimen. It is also seen as a gateway to the national park. During the summer season you can take a boat service to the other side of the lake, for example to take a walk. The famous Besseggen Ridge hiking trail is also located here.

Also close to the scenic route Valdresflye are the National Scenic Routes Sognefjellsvegen, Gamle Strynefjellsvegen and Geiranger – Trollstigen. Complete your tour through Norway and include these routes to your list!