Scenic route Senja in Norway /

The scenic route Senja is one of the recommendations for a tour through Norway. The route is named after the island of Senja, where the route is located. The island is known for the steep mountains that merge into the ocean, beautiful white beaches with unfortunately ice cold water and the robustness of nature. The part of Northern Norway is popular with nature lovers, not only because of how it looks, but also because it is perfect for walking, cycling, diving or, for example, paddling in the sea or in the fjords.

Where is the route located? /

The scenic route Senja is located on the island of the same name, located in the county of Troms og Finnmark in Northern Norway. Senja is the second largest island off the coast of Norway and has only about 8000 inhabitants on more than 612 square miles (1585 square kilometers).

The route across the island includes the places Gryllefjord, Skaland, Mefjordvaer and Botnhamn. In the summer months there is a ferry between Botnhamn and Brensholmen, from where you can continue to the city of Tromsø.

General information about scenic route Senja /

The scenic route Senja is 63 miles (102 kilometers) long and connects the towns of Gryllefjord and Botnhamn. The roads run along the coastline and fjords in several places, giving you a view of the ocean on one side and the rugged landscape of Senja on the other. On road maps, the roads of the route can be found under the numbers 862, 7868 and 7886. These last 2 roads are side routes to the sights Mefjordvaer and Husøy.

The nature of Senja is untouched, rugged and breathtaking. The island is one of the highlights of Norway and the route over the island shows why this is so. The scenic route Senja has therefore been designated a National Scenic Route, of which there are 18 throughout the country. The National Scenic Routes are officially the most beautiful routes in Norway.

Fancy a bigger ride? Then combine the route with the National Scenic Route Andøya. In the summer months there is a ferry between Gryllefjord and Andenes, where you can drive this other special route. If you drive towards the south of Norway, you can also take the scenic route over the Lofoten archipelago.

What makes the route special? /

As the second largest island off the coast of Norway and with beautiful nature, the scenic route Senja should not be missed during a tour of the country. It really makes a car holiday to Norway complete.

Senja also has an active fishing community, located on the smaller island of Husøy, in the middle of the Øyfjord. Along the way you can also enjoy the view at the resting places Tungeneset and Bergsbotn, which have been specially constructed to show you the beauty of the area. You can also go to the famous beach Ersfjordstranda, which is located in the Ersfjord and has white sand. This makes it feel tropical, while you are surrounded by impressive and steep mountain peaks. However, the water is very cold all year round.