Scenic route Rondane in Norway /

The scenic route Rondane is one of the highlights of Norway. The route is located at Rondane National Park, after which the route is named. It is also close to Dovre National Park. During a tour through Norway, several sights can easily be combined. The route not only shows more than 2000 meters high mountain peaks and the beautiful nature, but also passes the former mines of Folldal.

Where is the route located? /

The Rondane runs from Venabygdsfjellet to Folldal and has a side road to the ancient church of Sollia. The route is on the east side of Rondane National Park, which is Norway’s oldest national park. The park covers more than 370 square miles (960 square kilometers) and consists largely of the high Rondane mountains that have ten mountain peaks more than 2000 meters above sea level.

General information about scenic route Rondane /

Scenic route Rondane is 46 miles (75 kilometers) in total and consists of road 27 between Venabygdsfjellet to Folldal and the 219 from road 27 to the Sollia Kirke. The Sollia Kirke was built in 1738 and then built by the inhabitants of Sollia. The centuries-old church can be visited and is regarded as a highlight along the route.

The route also goes past the Atnbru area, where the Atnbrufossen waterfall and a museum are located. There are also resting places and lookout points along the route, where you can fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The highest point of the scenic route Rondane is located at 1060 meters above sea level. The road is open to traffic all year round, including in the winter months when there is plenty of snow. It can happen that in bad weather the road over Ringebufjellet is closed for short periods.

Would you like to see the highlights of the country during a tour through Norway? Take a breathtaking ride on the Rondane! The route is in fact 1 of the 18 National Scenic Routes, which are officially the 18 greatest routes in Norway. Make your ride bigger and take the nearby National Scenic Route Valdresflye to see even more highlights of Norway!

What makes the route special? /

Norway’s oldest national park, Rondane, is known as a popular and easy hiking area. It is perfectly suited for walks with the family, but also as an advanced walker. With many high mountain peaks, the area is also popular for mountain walks. Cyclists also enjoy the area, the National Scenic Route Rondane is not very busy with traffic and therefore suitable for cycling.

During the scenic route Rondane you will see many highlights in a relatively short time. Nature is central, but sights such as the ancient church Sollia Kirke and the former mines of Folldal also pass by.