Scenic route Lofoten in Norway /

With the scenic route Lofoten you will really discover the Lofoten archipelago, which is one of the most famous places in Norway. This special environment should not be missed when traveling through Norway. The entire Lofoten is easily accessible by car and a beautiful car route runs across the islands, perfect for a breathtaking ride!

Where is the route located? /

The scenic route Lofoten is located on the Lofoten archipelago in Northern Norway. This archipelago is located off the coast of Nordland county. The route runs from the beginning of almost the tip of the archipelago near the town of Å towards Raftsundet.

The Lofoten covers a total area of ​​more than 464 square miles (1200 square kilometers) and has 80 islands. The best known and largest islands are Moskenesøya, Vestvågøy and Austvågøy. The autoroute also goes over these islands. The roads of the route pass through the towns of Moskenes, Skreda, Eggum, Torvdalshalsen and Svolvaer.

General information about scenic route Lofoten /

A trip to Norway is almost incomplete without visiting the Lofoten. With the 142 miles (230 kilometers) long route across the Lofoten you can see the most beautiful places of the archipelago, ideal for a breathtaking ride! The road runs from Raftsundet to Å, almost at the very tip of the island of Moskenesøya. Nearby and along the route is the town of Moskenes, where the ferry to Bodø goes. This makes it easy to combine a drive across the Lofoten with the Helgelandskysten, which runs along the Norwegian coast.

On road maps, the route across the Lofoten can be found under road number E10, this is the international route from Lofoten to Luleå on the east coast in Sweden. Various local roads are also part of the route, these local roads lead you to various points of interest on the islands.

The Lofoten is one of Norway’s top attractions because of its beautiful and special nature. It is therefore not surprising that the route over the islands belongs to the National Scenic Routes, these are the 18 most beautiful car routes in Norway.

What makes the route special? /

The special thing about the scenic route Lofoten is that it crosses the largest islands of the archipelago Lofoten. Along the way you will pass various places and above all you will see a lot of nature on the islands. You will see the many mountains and beautiful mountain peaks and you will pass various viewpoints where you can enjoy the view.

Along a side road of the route is the open-air theater Eggum, which annually attracts many tourists who come there to admire the midnight sun. The absolute highlight of the Lofoten, and also the scenic route, is Reinehalsen. Reinehalsen is located near the village of Reine and the mountain Reinebringen. It is the most photographed place in Lofoten.

Want to see more of Norway? After the Lofoten you can also take the scenic route Andøya, which goes over the archipelago of Vesterålen. The Vesterålen are seen as the still unknown brother of the Lofoten. Even more adventure? Then also drive the scenic route Senja!