Scenic route Jaeren in Norway /

The scenic route Jaeren runs along the southwest coast of Norway. It shows a unique stretch of the Norwegian coastline, a part that is different from other parts of the country. From the road you have a view of the beautiful sandy beaches, including the longest sandy beach in Norway, and of course the ocean.

Where is the Jaeren located? /

The scenic route Jaeren is located in the Jaeren region, whatever it is named after. This coastal region is located in the southwest of Norway, in the county of Rogaland. The end of the route is just below the city of Stavanger.

The route starts in the town of Ogna and ends in Bore, from where it is about half an hour’s drive to the center of Stavanger. Between Ogna and Bore, the route passes through Vigrestad, Obrestad, Bryne and Kleppe.

General information about scenic route Jaeren /

With a length of 25 miles (41 kilometers), the scenic route Jaeren is not the longest scenic route in Norway, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful! It offers beautiful views of a unique stretch of coastline, which will regularly look more tropical. The route can be found on road maps under numbers 44 and 507.

The route starts in Ogna, after which you soon pass the lighthouse of Kvassheim. This was put into service in 1912 and has not been used since 1990. Today a small museum with restaurant is located in the complex.

A highlight along the route is the church of Verhaug, which is located along the ocean and has therefore become a special place. The first church on the site dates from the 13th century, the current church was built in 1905.

The scenic route Jaeren is also called the beach route, because of the many beaches you pass. These beaches are also at the same time the attractions of the route and certainly a reason to make a stop. Refnesstranda is a popular beach along the route, part of which consists of sand dunes and another part of pebbles. The beach of Orrestranda is almost 3 miles (5 kilometers) long, making it the longest sandy beach in all of Norway. Also along the route is the popular beach Borrestranda, this is especially a popular beach for surfing and swimming.

The special coastal route is officially one of the most beautiful routes in Norway. In 2005, 18 routes in the country were declared National Scenic Routes and provided with special viewpoints and several sanitary facilities. scenic route Jaeren is one of these special roads. The route can be combined with the scenic route Ryfylke, which is also a National Scenic Route and is located east of Stavanger.

What makes the route special? /

Norway is a large and vast country, with a very diverse landscape. To get a good impression of the country, it is recommended to visit several areas during a tour. The scenic route Jaeren is highly recommended. Not only because of the beautiful beaches and the view of the ocean, but also because of the great contrast with the high mountains, deep fjords and gigantic waterfalls.