Scenic route Helgelandskysten in Norway /

A tour of Norway is not complete without the special and long scenic route Helgelandskysten. With a length of 269 miles (433 kilometers) it is even the longest route in Norway! The route runs along part of the Norwegian coastline and is ideal for an adventurous ride across the country. Along the way, in addition to the beautiful nature, there are also various places of interest and there are 6 crossings with ferries. During one of these crossings you will pass the geographical Arctic Circle!

Where is the Helgelandskysten located? /

The scenic route Helgelandskysten is located in Nordland county in Norway. It is named after the region where it is located, namely Helgeland. Due to its location, the region is also seen as the gateway to Northern Norway. The road runs from Holm to Bodø, passing places such as Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Jektvik and Storvika on the way. A large part of the route runs along the coast.

General information about scenic route Helgelandskysten /

The well-known scenic route Helgelandskysten is 269 miles (433 kilometers) long and runs from Holm to Bodø. On the road maps, the route can be found as road 17. The side road to the Torghatten can be found as numbers 76, 778 and 7234.

Despite the fact that road 17 is a long through route, you cannot drive in one piece. In Norway it is quite normal that you have to make a crossing with a ferry during a route. With this hundreds of miles/kilometers long route, you have to do that a total of 6 times. During the Kilboghamn – Jektvik crossing you also pass the Arctic Circle. This geographical line on the world map runs through Scandinavia, among others.

The scenic route Helgelandskysten is one of the most beautiful in Norway, as it is one of the 18 National Scenic Routes. These are officially the most beautiful routes in Norway, where the government also provides extra viewing platforms and sanitary facilities along the road.

What makes the route special? /

The scenic route Helgelandskysten is known for its location near the coastline, with beautiful views of the ocean and the ferry crossings. During the boat trips you can enjoy the unique landscape in the region from the water. There are many mountains in the region, including the well-known Torghatten, the Seven Sisters mountain range and the Lofotveggen. The Torghatten is known worldwide because of the hole in the middle of the mountain. By car you can get to the mountain, after which it is an easy walk to the mountain where you can walk through the hole.

Along the more than 250 miles (400 kilometers) long road there are various rest areas and viewing platforms where you can make a stop and enjoy the great view of the ocean, mountains and other special nature. Highlights of this nature are the well-known tidal stream Saltstraumen and Godøystraumen, which are close to each other and are both located directly along the scenic route.

Make your tour through Norway bigger and combine the scenic route Helgelandskysten with the route over the Lofoten, from Bodø you can take the ferry to the Lofoten. After the Lofoten archipelago you can also easily take the scenic route Andøya and scenic route Senja.