Scenic route Hardangervidda in Norway /

The scenic route Hardangervidda crosses the largest high mountain plateau in Northern Europe. Not only does the route reach 1250 meters above sea level at its highest point, it also offers beautiful valleys, high mountains, waterfalls and views of glaciers and fjords. A tour of Norway is not complete without the scenic route over mountain plateau Hardangervidda.

Where is the route located? /

The Hardangervidda is the highest mountain plateau in Northern Europe and over the plateau lies highway 7. A large part of this road has been declared a tourist route and has been given the name Hardangervidda, after the mountain plateau. Roadtrip Hardangervidda is also located at the national park of the same name and connects the towns of Haugastøl in Viken county and Eidfjord in Vestland county. The provincial border is near the town of Halne.

General information about scenic route Hardangervidda /

The tourist road over the mountain plateau Hardangervidda is 41 miles (67 kilometers) long and runs from Haugastøl to Eidfjord. Along the way you pass vast plateaus, beautiful valleys, mountain lakes Sysenvatnet and Eidfjordvatnet and the famous waterfall Vøringsfossen. You will also see the beautiful and diverse flora and fauna, including special birds and a large population of wild reindeer.

On road maps, the scenic route Hardangervidda can be found under road number 7. The special thing about this highway is not only that it goes over the mountain plateau and is at the highest point at 1250 meters above sea level, but also that it comes close to the waterfall Vøringsfossen and through narrow and steep valley Måbødalen goes. The route also goes through several tunnels, one of which goes around almost 360 degrees.

The route over the largest high mountain plateau in Northern Europe offers a beautiful and varied view;. It is therefore not surprising that the road is one of the most beautiful roads in Norway. In the country there are 18 routes that have been awarded the title National Scenic Route, these are officially the most beautiful routes in Norway. The route Hardangervidda is one of these routes. Nearby is the National Scenic Route Hardangervegen, which can easily be taken along during a tour of Norway. At the end of Eidfjord, continue on highway 7, which turns into highway 13. You will then automatically drive to Kinsarvik, where the National Scenic Route Hardangervegen runs.

What makes the route special? /

The most special thing about the scenic route Hardangervidda is that it goes over the mountain plateau of the same name and gives a completely different view of the Norwegian landscape. The route does not have many sights, but that does not make the road any less beautiful. The area around the road looks different every season and the road is also passable in winter, because this highway is kept free of snow.