Scenic route Hardangervegen in Norway /

The scenic route Hardangervegen goes through the beautiful region of Hardanger in Norway, which is known for its fruit cultivation and associated flowering fruit trees and the many waterfalls. The route consists of 4 parts and 2 crossings with a ferry have to be made. The most famous part of the road is in the valley Oddadalen, where the double waterfall Låtefossen is located, this waterfall falls next to the road and the water then flows under the road.

Where is the route located? /

The scenic route Hardangervegen is located in the region of the same name, where it runs along the Sørfjord and Hardangerfjord. It connects Låtefoss and Granvin, requiring a ferry crossing between Kinsarvik – Utne and Jondal – Tørvikbygd.

The Hardanger region is located in the county of Vestland, in western Norway. This region has many highlights, including Hardangervidda National Park and the famous Trolltunga rock. Both are located next to the tourist route.

General information about the scenic route Hardangervegen /

The scenic route Hardangervegen is 102 miles (165 kilometers) in total and consists of 4 parts, where a ferry has to be taken twice. The route consists of the parts Låtefoss – Kinsarvik, Utne – Jondal, Tørvikbygd – Norheimsund and Steindalsfossen – Granvin. These roads can be found on road maps under numbers 13, 550, 49 and 79.

The Hardanger region is known for its fruit growing, allowing you to enjoy beautiful flowering fruit trees along the route and during the season fresh fruit sold from roadside stalls. The region is also known for its beautiful waterfalls, right along the route are the famous Låtefossen and Steinsdalsfossen waterfalls. The double waterfall Låtefossen is known worldwide and is located right next to the road, with the water from the waterfalls flowing under the road. Also, there is a parking lot so tourists can park and walk to the waterfall. The Steinsdalsfossen is known for its hiking trails, because you can walk all the way around the waterfall. Including behind the waterfall! Skjervsfossen is located just after the end of the route, along the mountain road towards Voss. This is also a double waterfall, where the water plunges more than 150 meters down. There are also beautiful hiking trails in the area.

The scenic route Hardangervegen goes through the Sørfjord and Hardangerfjord and is one of the most beautiful routes in the country. It is in fact 1 of the 18 National Scenic Routes. The National Scenic Route Hardangervidda, which crosses the mountain plateau of the same name, is also nearby. Make your road trip bigger and also take this route with you during your tour through Norway!

Our tip is to start with the scenic route Hardangervidda to Eidfjord, continue from here to Kinsarvik and start the National Scenic Route Hardangervegen here. Drive to Låtefossen, then slightly back and at Odda take road 550. You then drive via the other side of the Sørfjord to Utne where you can continue the rest of the route. By taking the 550 between Odda and Utne you avoid having to drive twice on the road between Odda and Kinsarvik, you see more of the Sørfjord and you avoid a ferry.

What makes the route special? /

The region is one of the most beautiful in Norway and traveling by car is an ideal way to see many highlights. During the scenic route Hardangervegen, make a stop at the famous waterfalls, walk through the beautiful nature or visit the Trolltunga and National Park Hardangervidda. There is plenty to see and experience in the Hardanger region and the tourist route takes you past the highlights!