Scenic route Aurlandsvegen in Norway /

The scenic route Aurlandsvegen, also known as the Aurlandsfjellet or Snow Road, should not be missed during a tour through Norway. Not only because the route is beautiful, but also because of its location near the Aurlandsfjord, the village of Flåm and the famous railway Flåmsbana. In addition, the Naerøyfjord is also very close by, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In short: A trip to Norway is not complete without the Aurlandsvegen and its immediate surroundings.

Where is the route located? /

The route is located through the mountain area Aurlandsfjellet, from which the route has also been given the name. The route is also called Aurlandsvegen or Snøvegen (translated: Snow Road). The mountain area lies between the Aurlandsfjord on one side and the Laerdalen valley on the other.

The scenic route Aurlandsvegen connects the villages of Aurlandsvangen and Laerdalsøyri across the mountain. The special mountain road is located in the county of Vestland and is one of the many highlights in the region.

General information about the scenic route Aurlandsvegen/

The scenic route Aurlandsvegen runs between Aurlandsvangen through the mountain area Aurlandsfjellet to Laerdalsøyri. The mountain route is 29 miles (48 kilometers) in total and is also known as the ‘Snow Road’, as there is snow along the route all year round. The highest point of the route is at 1306 meters above sea level, at the highest points there is still snow in summer. The route can be found on road maps under number 5627.

Until the year 2000, the Aurlandsvegen mountain road was an main road. The mountain road was officially opened in 1967, but for many years the path has been used through the mountain area. In the year 2000, the longest road tunnel in the world, the Laerdalstunnelen, was opened. This 15 miles (24.5 kilometer) tunnel goes through the mountain, providing a faster and shorter connection between the Aurlandsfjord and Laerdalen. As a result, the mountain road was no longer needed as a main road and has become a true tourist attraction. A ride over the mountain can easily be combined with a ride through the mountain. Drive over the scenic route Aurlandsvegen to the other side and back via the Laerdalstunnelen.

The mountain road is not open all year round. The route is also known as Snøvegen because there is snow, even in summer. In winter, however, there is so much snow that the route has to be closed. The route is usually closed between the end of October and the beginning of June between the viewpoint Stegastein and Vedagaugane. Part of the route is passable from both sides. The famous viewpoint Stegastein, which offers breathtaking views over the Aurlandsfjord, remains accessible from Aurlandsvangen.

The scenic route Aurlandsvegen is officially one of the most beautiful routes in Norway, because it is 1 of the 18 National Scenic Routes. The Norwegian government has awarded this title to 18 tourist routes and has provided special viewing points and sanitary facilities along the routes.

What makes the route special? /

Not only the beautiful surroundings, mountain lakes and snow make the scenic route Aurlandsvegen special. The location of the mountain road also ensures that it attracts many tourists every year. The road is located between the Aurlandsfjord and Laerdalen.

The Aurlandsfjord is a tributary of the famous Sognefjord. In the fjord arm lies the tourist village of Flåm, which attracts many tourists every year because of the steep and special train line Flåmsbana. The village is also a popular destination for cruise ships. In the fjord and along the Aurlandsvegen (also known as Aurlandsfjellet) is also viewpoint Stegastein, one of the best-known and most beautiful lookout points in the world. As if that weren’t enough, on the other side of the mountains is the Naerøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Laerdalen valley also attracts many tourists every year, mainly because of Laerdalsøyri. In the village there are wooden houses from the 16th and 17th centuries. A little further is the Borgund Stave Church, built in the 12th century and one of the best preserved stave churches in the country. The Laerdalstunnelen, the longest road tunnel in the world, is also located between the Aurlandsfjord and Laerdalen.

Finally, in the vicinity of the scenic route Aurlandsvegen , there are also other National Scenic Routes, which make it easy to combine them into a larger ride during a tour of Norway. Nearby are the Gaularfjellet and Sognefjellsvegen.