Scenic route Atlanterhavsveien in Norway /

The scenic route Atlanterhavsveien is one of the most famous roads worldwide for making a road trip. This road is definitely recommended during a tour through Norway. The road is internationally known as the Atlantic Road, but is officially called Atlanterhavsveien. The route is known for the 8 bridges, which has led to the misunderstanding that the part with the bridges is the entire route. However, the Atlanterhavsveien is a lot longer.

Where is the Atlanterhavsveien located? /

The scenic route Atlanterhavsveien is 36 kilometers long and located in western Norway, in the county of Møre og Romsdal. The road connects Bud and Kårvåg. The well-known places Molde and Kristiansund are close to the well-known route.

General information about scenic route Atlanterhavsveien /

The scenic route Atlanterhavsveien is 36 kilometers long and is a through route between the Norwegian towns of Bud and Kårvåg. The route has been declared a National Scenic Route, making it one of the 18 most beautiful routes in Norway. On road maps, the route can be found under road numbers 235, 238, 663, 242 and 64.

The road runs along the Norwegian coast and comes very close to the water. The highest point of the route is only 30 meters above sea level. Where there are water and islands, bridges are needed. They are also the bridges that the scenic route Atlanterhavsveien is known for. On a stretch of more than 8 kilometers there are a total of 8 bridges behind each other. The many bridges create a unique and undulating route, ideal for a ride through Norway. The best-known and highest bridge is the Storseisund Bridge, which is 23 meters high and is also a bend in the route. In addition, with a length of 260 meters, it is also the longest bridge.

What makes the route special? /

It is the location of the route and the bridges that make the Atlanterhavsveien special. You are driving very close to the ocean and on a stormy day the ocean water is beating on the roads too.

The scenic route Atlanterhavsveien, also known as Atlantic Road, attracts many tourists every year. The newspaper The Guardian has been named the road the most beautiful tourist route in the world. The Norwegians are slightly more modest, they consider it the second most beautiful road in the country. They like the Trollstigen more. However, the Atlanterhavsveien has been declared the Norwegian construction of the century. It is no wonder that the route is also officially one of the most beautiful routes of Norway.