Scenic route Andøya in Norway /

The scenic route Andøya is perfect for anyone looking for an adventurous drive while traveling through Norway. This route is located on the island of the same name, Andøya, in the Vesterålen archipelago. The Vesterålen is seen as the still unknown sister of the Lofoten. There is also a beautiful scenic route on the Lofoten. Due to its location, both routes can easily be combined, so you can see even more of breathtaking Norway!

Where is the route located? /

The scenic route Andøya is located on the island of Andøya, after which it is also named. Andøya is one of the largest islands of the Vesterålen archipelago. The archipelago is located in Nordland county in Northern Norway. The route runs from Bjørnskinn to Andenes, where the ferry can be taken to the island of Senja.

The Vesterålen archipelago is a beautiful part of Norway. It looks a lot like the Lofoten, but is a lot less touristy. The archipelago consists of 4 large islands and more than 1300 small islands. The islands are known for the beautiful nature with high mountains, the fjords including the Trollfjord and the animal life. It is a beautiful area for bird watchers, for example, near the village of Bleik (where the route passes) there are bird cliffs off the coast. More than 40,000 puffins and a large group of sea eagles live on these cliffs.

General information about scenic route Andøya /

The scenic route Andøya is 36 miles (58 kilometers) long and is located at the highest point at 65 meters above sea level. The route does not go through mountains either, but it does offer a good view of it. The route can be found on road maps under numbers 7698 and 7702.

The island of Andøya and the Vesterålen are among the highlights of Norway. The tourist route takes you past the highlights of the area and gives a good impression of what the archipelago is like. The route is also officially one of the most beautiful in Norway, as it is one of the 18 National Scenic Routes. These are the most beautiful routes in Norway.

The National Scenic Route Andøya can easily be extended into a larger ride. First drive the National Scenic Route Lofoten, and then the scenic route Andøya. In the summer months you can take the ferry from the end point Andenes to the island of Senja, where there is also a National Scenic Route. This way you combine 3 of the most beautiful routes in Norway into an adventurous and breathtaking road trip!

What makes the route special? /

It is mainly the landscape and the animal life that make the scenic route Andøya so special. The coastline with a view of the ocean, mountains, cliffs and villages provide a varied view. The area is perfect for a walk on a beach, nature reserve or the mountains.

For bird watchers, Vesterålen is a real paradise, with the highlight of the bird cliffs near the village of Bleik. From the resting place Kleivodden you have a view of the island of Bleiksøya. More than 40,000 puffins live on the cliffs of that island, as well as a large group of sea eagles. The bird cliffs can also be visited in the summer months.

Something else special along the route is a space base. Near Andenes is Andøya Space 🚀. The base is still in use, making it the only working base in all of Europe. You can visit part of Andøya Space, where you can view exhibitions about space travel and the Northern Lights, among other things. The scenic route Andøya not only offers the beautiful nature and animal life of Norway, but also all kinds of other specialities!