The most beautiful and must visit fjords in Norway /

Norway is worldwide known for a lot of things, but especially for the beautiful fjords. The country has more than a thousand fjords and therefore has a special coastline. Including the fjords and islands, Norway’s coastline is more than 25,000 kilometers long. Norway has very deep, small and also very famous fjords. These are the must visit fjords in Norway!

Visit the long Sognefjord /

The Sognefjord is with a total length of 204 kilometers the longest fjord in Norway. It is also one of the 3 longest fjords in the world, only the Kangertittivaq in Greenland and the Greely Fiord in Canada are longer. The Sognefjord starts north of the city of Bergen and runs for over 200 kilometers inland and has several side arms, such as the Naerøyfjordand Aurlandsfjord.

The fjord offers several Norwegian highlights, including the scenic routes Sognefjellsvegen and Gaularfjellet. In the side arms of the fjord are also a large number of highlights, such as well-known viewpoints and train lines. More on that later. Due to its length and many highlights, it is definitely one of the must visit fjords in Norway.

UNESCO World Heritage Naerøyfjord /

With a length of 17 kilometers, the Naerøyfjord is not a long fjord, but it is a very special fjord. At its narrowest point, the fjord is only 250 meters wide, making it one of the narrowest fjords in Norway. The Naerøyfjord is a side arm of the Sognefjord and lays next to the Aurlandsfjord, so you can easily visit two of the must visit fjords in Norway.

The special location of the Naerøyfjord, the special waterfalls, the Breiskrednosi rock and beautiful nature have even earned the fjord a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There is only 1 other fjord in Norway that is on this list, the Geirangerfjord.


Aurlandsfjord, famous for its highlights /

The Aurlandsfjord is not a very well-known fjord in terms of name, but the villages and sights in the fjord are world famous! The fjord is a side arm of the Sognefjord and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

In the fjord are the villages of Flåm, Undredal and Aurlandsvangen. The village of Flåm is visited by many cruise ships and tourists every year, mainly because of the famous Flåmsbana. This special train line is one of the steepest railways in the world. The village of Aurlandsvangen is known for the Laerdalstunnelen and the scenic route Aurlandsvegen. Along this scenic route is also viewpoint Stegastein, which is one of the most photographed points in Norway. The Aurlandsfjord should certainly not be missed during a trip through the country, it is one of the must visit fjords in Norway.


One of the must visit fjords in Norway: The world famous Geirangerfjord /

The Geirangerfjord is world famous and the most famous fjord in Norway. The fjord is 15 kilometers long and a side arm of the Storfjord. It is known for its special waterfalls, such as the Seven Sisters. Every year the fjord attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists, who arrive by cruise ship or drive to the fjord via the scenic route Geiranger – Trollstigen. There are several special viewpoints in and around the fjord, such as viewpoint Dalsnibba. From these viewpoints you have a wide view over the Geirangerfjord.

The Geirangerfjord is also officially one of the most special fjords in Norway, because it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List together with the Naerøyfjord. They are the only 2 Norwegian fjords on the list. The fjord is touristy, but certainly one of the must visit fjords in Norway!