About the Laerdalstunnelen in Norway /

Norway has a large number of tunnels, where you often see beautiful rock walls. The country also has special tunnels, such as the Laerdalstunnelen. This tunnel is 15 miles (24.5 kilometers), making it the longest road tunnel in the world. A ride through the tunnel takes about 20 minutes. The tunnel is also known as the Laerdal Tunnel.

Where is the Laerdalstunnelen located? /

The Laerdalstunnelen is located between Aurland and Laerdal, in the county of Vestland in Norway. The municipality of Aurland is located in the famous Aurlandsfjord and the municipality of Laerdal is known for the ancient village center of Laerdalsoyri.

The 15 miles (24.5 kilometers) long tunnel is part of the E16 motorway and provides a fast through connection, which has saved road users a lot of time since the opening of the tunnel. Previously, traffic had to go over the scenic road Aurlandsvegen, which goes over the mountains.

General information about the Laerdalstunnelen /

The Laerdalstunnelen is located between Aurland and Laerdal, and below the mountain area of ​​Aurlandsfjellet. The scenic route Aurlandsvegen runs through this mountain area, which is officially one of the most beautiful routes in Norway.

In 1995 a start was made with the realization of the Laerdalstunnelen. Construction took a total of 5 years, the tunnel was opened in 2000. The road through the mountain was built with a large amount of explosives. There are also 3 wide and specially lit stops and 15 points where traffic can turn. The tunnel has been specially designed with these stopping points to keep road users focused. On the way you can easily see how many kilometers you still have to drive through the tunnel, because every kilometer there is a sign with the remaining distance.

As part of the E16 highway, the route between Oslo and Bergen, the Laerdalstunnelen is toll-free.

What makes the tunnel special? /

The Laerdalstunnelen in Norway is special and worth driving through for several reasons. It is the longest road tunnel in the world, it has a special design and the location of the tunnel is also very favorable. Between Oslo and Bergen you will soon be driving on the E16 highway and you will therefore drive through the Laerdalstunnelen.

In addition, the tunnel is located at several tourist attractions, such as the Aurlandsfjord with the village Flåm, the train line Flåmsbana, the scenic route Aurlandsvegen with viewpoint Stegastein and more. Also nearby is the Naeroyfjord, Norway’s narrowest fjord and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the other side of the Laerdalstunnelen is Laerdal, containing Laerdalsoyri and close to Borgund Stave Church. A short drive to the scenic routes Gaularfjellet and Sognefjellsvegen is also possible.