About the Breiskrednosi in Norway /

Breiskrednosi is a mountain with a rocky outcrop above the Naerøyfjord in Norway. It resembles the Trolltunga, Norway’s best-known rock formation, but less touristy. The rock on the mountain Breiskrednosi is located at 1189 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful view over the Naerøyfjord. The fjord is one of the most beautiful in Norway and has an honorable mention on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to the Naeroyfjord, the Geirangerfjord also has an entry on this list.

Hike to the top of Breiskrednosi /

The Breiskrednosi rock is only accessible by hike. There are several routes for this, so do your research beforehand as they are not unmarked and there is not always a path along the way. A tip is to ask the locals how best to walk to Breiskrednosi.

One of the routes starts at Kvernaviki. Park the car and start your walking tour! The start of the Rimstegen hiking trail is located along the Bakkavegen. During the hiking route Rimstegen you pass the excellent rock formation of Breiskrednosi.

Another possibility is to start from the villages Bakke or Dyrdal. These three starting points are located in the Naerøyfjord, but you can also start from other points. For example, it is possible to do the hike from the village of Jordalen. There are several walking routes available online.

Guided walks to the top /

There are also guided walks to the Breiskrednosi. Led by an experienced guide, you will go to the top of the Naerøyfjord in a group of 2 to 8 people. These walking tours depart from Breidalen, about half an hour’s drive from the E16 highway. These guided walks are only possible in July, August and September.

Keep in mind that you will soon be walking about 7 to 8 hours, this is the total walk including the return journey. You walk to an altitude of more than 1100 meters, so you make a big climb along the way. The walk is not recommended for inexperienced hikers with no experience of mountain hiking.

Look at the season and weather /

In Norway it is very important to take into account the different seasons and weather conditions. In the winter months there can be a lot of snow, which makes certain roads and hiking trails inaccessible. It is recommended to take independent walking tours in the summer months, or – if this is offered – to make a guided walking tour only in the winter months.