About the Aurlandsfjord in Norway /

The Aurlandsfjord is a tributary of the Sognefjord, which is the longest fjord in Norway. It is also one of the longest in the world. The Aurlandsfjord is a fjord full of sights. For example, you can enjoy the view from a lookout point, but you can also visit a museum or take the train on one of the steepest train routes in the world.

There are three villages in the fjord, all located in the municipality of Aurland. You can also take beautiful walks or bike rides from the villages.

Flåm and Flåmsbana /

Flåm is not a big village with about 500 inhabitants, but it does receive more than half a million tourists every year. More than 100 cruise ships dock every year and for good reason. Not only do tourists come for the beautiful Aurlandsfjord, but also for the Flåmsbana. The train departs from the village to Myrdal and travels over one of the steepest train routes in the world. In about an hour you will rise to 866 meters above sea level and you will pass the famous waterfall Kjosfossen on the way. The train also stops here so that travelers can get off and take pictures. The train travels through 20 tunnels and offers beautiful views of the changing landscapes along the way. The train route was declared the most beautiful train route in the world in 2014.

The Flåmsbana Museum (Flåmsbana Museet in Norwegian) is also located at the station in Flåm. The museum can be visited daily for free and tells the story of the construction of the special train line.

Undredal /

With about 100 inhabitants, Undredal is the smallest village in the Aurlandsfjord. Unlike Flåm and Aurlandsvangen, the village is not located on a main road. From the E16 it is a 6.5 kilometer drive to the village. Due to the location of the village, tourists also come to take a look. They often take the ferry between Aurlandsvangen and Undredal. There is also a ferry between Flåm and Aurlandsvangen. So you can sail from Flåm to Undredal and discover the Aurlandsfjord from the water. Special tourist boats also sail in the Aurlandsfjord.

Aurlandsvangen and its highlights/

With about 560 inhabitants, Aurlandsvangen is the largest village in the Aurlandsfjord. The village itself has a number of shops and restaurants, but no major tourist attractions. Yet the village is well known, because it lies at the foot of the Laerdalstunnelen and the scenic route Aurlandsvegen.

The village is not very well known, but the highlights that are nearby are. Aurlandsvangen is the starting point of the scenic route Aurlandsvegen, also known as the Snow Road. This road goes through the mountains and there is snow almost all year round. Along the scenic route is the well-known viewpoint Stegastein, which at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level offers a truly beautiful view over the Aurlandsfjord. The Aurlandsvegen is closed in the winter months, but Stegastein can still be reached from Aurlandsvangen.

Where the Aurlandsvegen goes over the mountains, the Laerdalstunnelen goes through the mountains. And the Norwegians wouldn’t be the Norwegians, if they hadn’t made something special out of the tunnel. It is the longest road tunnel in the world and has several specially lit stops in the tunnel.
viewpoint Stegastein in Norway

Highlights near the Aurlandsfjord /

Not only the Aurlandsfjord offers highlights, there are also places in the area that are worth visiting. In the region of the fjord, many highlights are close together. We have listed a number of sights for you.

Naerøyfjord /

One of the most beautiful fjords in Norway is literally around the corner. The Naerøyfjord is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as is the Geirangerfjord. They are the only two fjords in Norway that are on this list. Besides being one of the most beautiful fjords, the Naerøyfjord is also the narrowest fjord in the world. In some places there is only 250 meters between the mountains. From Undredal you can take the ferry to Gudvangen and sail through the fjord.


Sognefjord /

The Aurlandsfjord and the Nærøyfjord are tributaries of the Sogneford, which is Norway’s longest fjord. The fjord is a total of 240 kilometers long, making it one of the longest fjords in the world.

Laerdalsoyri and Bogund Stave Church /

Drive over the scenic route Aurlandsvegen or through the Laerdal Tunnel to Laerdal and see ancient structures. In the village of Laerdalsoyri you can see ancient wooden houses, which were built in the 18th century.

About 20 kilometers from the village is Bogund Stave Church. It is one of Norway’s most distinctive stave churches and has been well preserved for centuries. The stave church was built around 1180 and is completely made of wood.